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Chicago Tribune: Showhomes' Home Manager Program Finds Success in the Chicagoland Area
Gary Kahn elaborates on the program and managing homes on Chicago's North Shore

Sprucing up a home to boost the chances of a sale is nothing new, but there are many other unique approaches to home staging, including Showhomes' Home Manager program. Through Showhomes, "on-site home managers" will move into a vacant home with furnishings, pay utilities and keep the home in show-ready condition while it's waiting to be sold.

Gary Kahn, who has earned the nickname "Gatsby" among his friends, is currently living in the Oscar Mayer Mansion on behalf of Showhomes. Kahn has moved around quite a bit, staging and managing beautiful homes on the North Shore, and loves it. 

For the seller, they not only have the benefit of a beautifully staged home and someone to take care of it, but Bliss also told the Tribune that homeowners benefit from lowered homeowner insurance rates, as a vacant property can be more expensive to insure.

You can view the entire article here.