Showhomes reports biggest sales month in company history

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Showhomes reports biggest sales month in company history
Showhomes reports biggest sales month in company history
With greater service options, including Home Updating, Showhomes posts 27 percent increase in sales.

Showhomes, the Nashville-based home staging franchise, has made company history by posting the highest sales revenue since the brand’s inception. The company posted a total system revenue increase of 27 percent February year-over-year.

“We’re very excited to announce our highest grossing month in the history of our 29-year-old company,” said Showhomes CEO Matt Kelton. “Even though the housing market was weak last year, and didn’t experience the rebound experts were predicting, we've maintained steady growth this year and surpassed our initials goals.”

Kelton credits the brand’s addition of Home Updating –a service that offers home painting, flooring and more to prepare homes for sale – with its biggest selling year yet. While new to the brand’s menu of services, Home Updating accounted for more than 50 percent of Showhomes’ revenue boost in 2015. It has proven to be a major profit center for franchisees and a hit with the real estate industry’s tactics for high-end, luxury homes.

“Our increased suite of services is a huge help to Realtors and home owners, and word-of-mouth is spreading rapidly,” said Kelton.

In addition to the brand’s overall record, three franchisees in the system posted all-time record months in Charleston, S.C, Coral Gables, Fla. and Pinellas/Pasco County, Fla.

Lorelie Brown, owner of Showhomes in Charleston, has already seen a 30 percent increase in sales from February to March, with almost 18 percent from the Home Updating feature.

“Our plan is to continue offering expanded services with Home Updating, as it has really helped us provide a broader spectrum for our clients,” said Brown. “I think our record-setting success largely stems from our desire to serve others and home updating is just one more item we can do for our homeowners – making it easier for them.”

This significant growth means more momentum for the brand moving into the second quarter of the year. Showhomes currently has 34 franchise owners operating locations in 55 markets across nearly 20 states and aims to open its 100th location by year’s end. Currently the brand is developing in Southern California, the Pacific Northwest and the Northeastern region of the U.S.

“We have aggressive expansion plans nationally, and we are encouraged by the success of our entire system,” Kelton added. “As our brand continues to evolve, we hope to not only add new franchises to our family, but to increase the profitability of our existing franchisees significantly over the next few years.”



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