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Construction Dive :“The big small business: Inside the world of franchise homebuilding”
Sector gains even more traction as the housing industry improves

Franchising is no stranger to the housing and construction industry, but the sector has recently gained even more traction as the housing industry improves. There are many options for those with homebuilding backgrounds who are looking for the right franchising fit - and not all of them are focused on construction.

Showhomes, for example, offers a franchise opportunity tailored toward luxury-home selling, including home updates, home staging and prepping a home for sale. The brand also offers a home manager program in which they place temporary residents in a home while it's on the market waiting to be sold.

Showhomes assists franchisees with the entire process of getting their business up and running - from training to vendor relations and legal contracts. 

“Someone with little or no experience could go out and have one of these businesses,” COO Matt Kelton told Construction Dive. However, he also mentioned that the brand is an ideal setup for those who want to take their existing homebuilding or real estate business to the next level. 

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