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The Beacon News: Showhomes' Home Manager Program Provides a Home Away from Home
Mike and Janine Callahan elaborate on moving into their 12th home in the past eight years with the program

Franchise brand Showhomes' Chicago Franchisees Mike and Janine Callahan just moved into their 12th homes in the past eight years through the Showhomes Home Manager Program. 

The Beacon-News reporter spoke with Mike and Janine about their nomadic lifestyle as Home Managers. Through this program, the couple lives in luxurious homes while they are on the market but have to be ready to move out as soon as it is sold. 

Mike told The Beacon-News that the idea behind home staging is to sell the home quickly. The Showhomes Home Manager program gives the owners peace of mind knowing that their home is being maintained and protected.  

You can view the entire article here