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The Moultrie News: Showhomes Franchisees Making A Living Helping Others
Showhomes Home Staging managers assist in selling homes.
Showhomes home managers, Chuck and Edy Mimms, had been living in a home on Sullivan’s Island since June with a signed contract to live in the location for 30 days at a time. Just weeks before the couple was expected to host Thanksgiving dinner, the home was sold and they were asked to move out.
“I think it’s kind of exciting,” Chuck Mimms, told the Moultrie News. “Kind of like we’re living on the edge of the creek.”
The couple has since relocated into a $1.1 million house in Dunes West where they will spend Christmas and keep the house in ready-to-show condition for potential buyers, a perk for those hoping to sell quickly even during the off season.
“It provides a way for the home to be in show to sell condition seven days a week,” Showhomes franchisee Lorelie Brown said. “When a buyer walks in, that home is perfect.”
Although living in a luxury home for a fraction of the cost sounds like a golden ticket to the good life, there are a number of credentials a person must retain in order to make the cut. Aside from having fine furniture and the flexibility to move at a moment’s notice, home managers must recognize that their purpose is to help people sell their houses.
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