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The Ledger: Showhomes Riding Momentum of Florida's Booming Housing Market
Showhomes COO Matt Kelton discusses the Florida housing market.
Momentum from Florida's 2015 housing markets has carried over into 2016, according to a recent report by Florida Realtors.
For the home staging industry, the momentum of this large market is helping to aid quick home sales – specifically in Polk county, a market where gains were even higher than the rest of Florida, according to The Ledger.
Showhomes Home Staging Chief Operating Officer Matt Kelton was a Lakeland resident for five years during the 2000’s, and has a great comprehension of the market’s strength and the opportunity this presents for home staging.
“Polk County has a lot of growth, especially in terms of new construction,” Kelton told The Ledger. “We’re looking forward to establishing a presence in Polk.”
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