Showhomes Continues its Strategic Growth Initiative with Expansion into Santa Fe

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Showhomes Continues its Strategic Growth Initiative with Expansion into Santa Fe
Showhomes Continues its Strategic Growth Initiative with Expansion into Santa Fe
Franchisees Elisa and Brandon Macomber found a perfect blend of their talents and passions in an opportunity with Showhomes
Elisa and Brandon Macomber have been married for three years and have merged a combination of life and professional experience that has lead them to purchasing and opening their brand new Showhomes.

Having grown up in New York, Brandon spent most of his career working as floor plan auditor and says he’s had a long-time passion for building furniture.

Elisa has risen to the challenge of navigating many moves as her father was in the Army growing up. She also spent time living in Germany, which gave her the unique perspective of living abroad. She has spent the majority of her career working in design and visual merchandising and in 2014 founded her own home staging company based in Santa Fe called Pink Dwelling.

After joining their lives and experiences through marriage, the Macomber’s made the decision to go into business together and began to research options in their current hometown of Santa Fe.

“With my experience with floor plans and layouts as well as my passion for furniture, and Elisa’s home staging experience through Pink Dwelling, when we came across Showhomes, we were immediately intrigued,” said Brandon. “It just seemed like it would be a very natural fit for us.”

On the heels Showhomes’ back-to-back record growth years, the Macombers were of course pleased with what they learned during their due diligence in talking with existing Showhomes franchisees. They were particularly impressed with how well Showhomes has done in some California and Arizona markets for example, that very closely resemble many attributes of the Santa Fe market.

“Through my Pink Dwelling business, I already have nice foundation network of both homeowners and real estate agents in this market,” said Elisa. “After learning more about how the Showhomes model works, we knew this knowledge base would be very helpful to us in launching our business.”

The number of Santa Fe area home sales has risen by nearly 12.5 percent annually for the past three years according to Santa Fe properties, meaning that the local market is healthy and the Macombers will likely find some instant demand for their services.

According to COO Matt Kelton, the Showhomes model over the past several years has adapted to support franchisee’s businesses in any market. “Years ago, when the market was slow, our Home Manager program was in high demand; houses that had sat for a while on the market benefited greatly from having someone in the home, not only to stage it, but to give it the ‘lived-in’ feel and make sure the property stayed in great shape until it sold,” he explained. “Today in markets like Santa Fe where homes are selling relatively quickly, some of our newer services like home updates and one-day makeovers are in higher demand, and I have no doubt with the Macombers’ past experience, that they’ll be wildly successful in delivering these services to the Santa Fe community.”

The Macomber’s are currently completing their franchisee training and will officially open their location in March.

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