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1808 Magazine: Showhomes Franchisee Nancy Jones Found True Passion in Home Staging
Franchisee Nancy Jones shares the keys to her success with Showhomes.
Showhomes Home Staging Franchisee Nancy Jones found a true passion in home staging. The brand’s goal is to transform high-end, vacant houses into fully furnished, inviting homes. With Jones’ background in design, the process came naturally and aided in her success.
“Once we establish the positive features, we stage each room to have a wow factor that catches your attention and helps a buyer fall in love with it,” Jones told 1808 Magazine.
Showhomes business model includes makeovers, updates and a unique Home Manager program which has added to Jones’ growing portfolio.
“When a home is left vacant, not only does it not show well, it also leaves room for vandalism and deterioration," Jones said. "We place qualified caretakers into vacant homes 24/7 to keep the homes ready to show at all times. For the homeowner, it gives peace of mind, utilities covered, and no vacant home insurance to pay.”
Nancy identifies with her clients and feels humbled when her services help people recognize the beauty in their homes.
“Seeing this house transform from a plain, nondescript space to a warm, inviting home while watching the owners fall in love with it gave me such a sense of satisfaction. I knew I was where I was meant to be in my career," she said. "I’ve never lost that passion, and it’s what drives me every day in every home.”
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