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Kansas City Star: Showhomes Helps Sellers Get Top Dollar For Their Houses
Staging to sell a home is one of the best ways to stand out in the competitive housing market.
With a competitive housing market this peak home sales season, sellers are looking for the best ways to get top dollar for their pads. Staging is a top way Kansas City, Missouri sellers are getting the best value for their homes.

“If all things are equal and you go see three to seven homes in the same price range, with the same square footage and location, the shiniest penny is what’s going to sell,” says Kent Welch, owner of Showhomes of Kansas City, a company specializing in staging vacant homes from its warehouse of furnishings.

Using a staging service allows buyers to visualize themselves in your home and can set your property apart from other comparable ones on the market. Welch says that the key is to remove personal belongings that make the house feels like someone else's and replace it with furnishings that everyone can visualize being their own.

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