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The Philadelphia Inquirer: Showhomes Home Staging Helps Buyers Visualize Themselves In Their Future Home
Showhomes franchisees Ally Piccolomini and Monica Estes currently have 15 staged homes on the active market in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Franchisees Ally Piccolomini and Monica Estes brought the Showhomes concept to the Main Line in March of 2014. Since then, the two say the business has been growing.

In 2015, the National Association of Realtors conducted its first survey of home staging, finding that 81 percent of the realtors responding said staging helps buyers visualize a property as a future home.

Today, according to Estes, Showhomes has 15 staged homes on the active market, and they hope to expand to 25 soon. What sets the company apart is its home manager program, which pairs people relocating to the area or those in need of temporary housing with a vacant home for sale that has already been emptied.

"We try to work on no more than three homes at a time in different stages of completion," Estes said, noting that the homes they stage spend an average of 58 days on the market. "Staging is for homeowners who want to sell homes for the best price and quickly, and that means a house that is cared for and well-maintained."

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