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The Midland Reporter-Telegram: Young Entrepreneurs Are Flocking to Midland, Michigan To Fulfill Business Ownership Dreams
Matt Kelton, chief operating officer at Showhomes, says the city's size makes it an ideal market for new business.

Midland was recently named one of the top markets in the country for young entrepreneurs, and the Midland Reporter-Telegram spoke with Showhomes COO Matt Kelton about the Showhomes brand and their plans in Texas.

The article mentions that Showhomes specifically likes the size of the Midland market.

Said Kelton, “You can go into it and dominate as opposed to a market like Dallas or Chicago. A market like Midland would be good -- there are more people moving in. You see millennials moving back (to their hometowns) after a few years in the big city.”

The article goes on to mention that at the moment he can only sell franchises in the Houston market, but that Midland remains a strong option due to its affordable and high-end housing.

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