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Baltimore Sun: Showhomes Eyes Expansion in Baltimore as City's Housing Market Soars
The home staging company is planning to open five locations in the area within the next three years.
Home sales in Baltimore continued to soar last month, reaching the healtiest housing market the communtiy has seen in 10 years.

While the past several years have seen Baltimore home sales lag behind the rest of the country, with June sales up 11% from the same time last year, homes are selling in an average of just 22 days.

The hot high-end suburban market and turnover from Washington jobs has caused Nashville-based home staging company Showhomes to plan for five locations in the next three years in the area.

"You do have such transient people coming in and out of the region," said COO Matt Kelton. "This would be a gold mine for someone to take advantage of."

Showhomes is experiencing record growth as the real estate industry continues to rebound.

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