Showhomes Expands Across Southern California as Demand for Home Staging Services in the Area Rises

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Showhomes Expands Across Southern California as Demand for Home Staging Services in the Area Rises
Showhomes Expands Across Southern California as Demand for Home Staging Services in the Area Rises
Franchisees who sign on to develop the previously untapped market will be perfectly positioned for rapid growth.

Showhomes, the nation’s largest and most successful home staging franchise, has a long history of accomplishment in California. With a strong presence in areas like Orange County and San Diego, residents and entrepreneurs are already familiar with the brand’s superior services. But there are still major markets—like Los Angeles County—that currently don’t have a Showhomes franchise operating in the area. That’s why they are actively targeting Southern California for development.

“The opportunity for growth in the Southern California market is really tremendous. Not only is it one of the most densely populated areas for homes in the U.S., it also has a larger number of affluent homes. Those homes are ultimately our targets—the demand for our services is bigger in areas filled with more expensive homes,” said Matt Kelton, COO for Showhomes.

By providing four different services—home manager staging, home staging, home makeovers and home updating—Showhomes’ franchisees have the opportunity to capitalize on multiple revenue streams in order to make their businesses successful. That’s especially beneficial in Southern California, where the value of home staging is not unnoticed. People across the region recognize how staging takes a home’s overall look and feel to the next level throughout the entire home selling process.

“California is incredibly sophisticated when it comes to interior design and home staging. That puts us in a perfect position for rapid expansion—people in the area are already familiar with what we do and why it makes a difference when selling a house,” said Kelton. “With our proven and simple business model, Showhomes will immediately stand out as the home staging brand to beat.”

Franchisees who sign on to develop the Showhomes brand across Southern California have a real opportunity to dominate the space. The brand is looking to open 16 franchise units in Los Angeles county alone, allowing local owners to make the most of a previously untapped market.

Through initial and ongoing training, Showhomes guides its local owners throughout the entire franchising process. Prospective owners can expect their investment to range from $45,300 to $78,000.

“Potential business is just waiting for future Showhomes franchisees here in Southern California. There’s no doubt in my mind that local owners will be able to hit the ground running as soon as they sign on to open their own franchise,” said Kelton.

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