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Elk Grove Citizen: Showhomes Announces Growth Plans for Elk Grove Area
Elk Grove, California was recently named one of the fastest growing cities economically.

A report from the website WalletHub recently named Elk Grove, California as one of the fastest growing cities economically. The Elk Grove Citizen spoke with Showhomes chief operating officer Matt Kelton about the brand and their growth plans for the Elk Grove area.

According to Kelton, not only is the area seeing growth but it is also a great market for Showhomes based on demographics and home prices.

Said Kelton to the Citizen, “From what I’m seeing, Elk Grove is growing. You’ve got a lot of newer homes and people are moving there. When I’m looking at (Elk Grove’s) demographics, you’ve got quite a few homes that are over $300,000 and you’ve got multi-million dollar homes in some areas. And it looks like you can have homes with acreage there, which is kind of unique.”

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